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We are a leading latex foam manufacturer in Malaysia that provides tailored products to elevate the sleeping experience. We leverage cutting-edge technology and employ only the finest quality materials to create natural latex foam with superior comfort, support, and durability for latex mattress production.

What is Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Mattresses for A Good Night’s Sleep

Latex mattresses are made from the natural sap of rubber trees, making them an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bedding choice renowned for their durability and comfort. They have become a preferred option for individuals sensitive to chemicals or in search of a more sustainable sleeping arrangement.

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress

The Benefits of A Natural Latex Foam
Padding for Mattresses

Motion Isolation

Natural latex sheets are effective in reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners. The material possesses excellent shock absorption capabilities, reducing disturbances to the other sleeper.


Natural latex sheets provide users with long-term comfort. Even after years of use, they effortlessly regain their original shape when pressure is removed, preserving their comfort and support for extended periods.

Hypoallergenic & Low Maintenance

Latex sheets are ideal for individuals with year-round allergies or limited time to sanitise their mattresses, as they can naturally repel harmful microorganisms.

Our Latex Sheets for Mattresses

5 Zone Natural Latex

Thickness: 2.5cm – 12cm

Normal Zone Natural Latex

Thickness: 2.5cm – 12cm

Latex Mattress vs. Memory Foam

While both memory foam and latex mattresses are popular, they are designed to cater to different sleepers’ requirements. Memory foam mattresses cushion and relieve high-pressure areas, making them ideal for back pain relief.


Latex mattresses contour closely to a sleeper’s body but are naturally bouncy and firmer than memory foam. This combination aligns the spine while gently relieving pressure and is a good option for heavier sleepers or people with pain points.

Delivering Superior Quality Natural Latex Sheets

Goodnite Foam & Latex is dedicated to providing Malaysians with high-quality latex foam products to ensure a good night’s sleep.


Our 100% natural latex sheets, certified to be Radon and Formaldehyde-free, are delivered to various latex mattress manufacturers, where they are transformed into comfortable and safe latex mattresses for our customers.

Leading Natural Latex Mattress Manufacturer

Why Choose Us


Uncompromising standards for maximum customer satisfaction.
We utilise quality materials and the latest technology to produce natural latex foam that comply with local and international regulatory standards for latex mattress production.


Comprehensive capabilities in latex sheet production.
We harness our extensive resources and capabilities to offer an unparalleled range of latex sheet configurations for mattresses, pillows, and other upholstery applications.


For a safer, cleaner future.
We’re passionate about sustainability and continuously seek innovative solutions to protect our planet while ensuring safety for our employees and the wider community.

Industry Professionals

Providing unmatched expertise and careful attention to detail.
We have a strong reputation for quality and excellence in the industry. Every product is meticulously examined and executed with utmost professionalism and integrity.

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Natural Latex Mattress FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Latex mattresses are an excellent option for individuals suffering from back pain. With a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface that helps relieve pressure points, they have become a preferred bedding choice for those seeking a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Natural latex mattresses require a solid base to maintain their shape and prevent soft spots. For example, a slatted, solid wood or steel foundation helps prevent early sagging and ensure even support.


Furthermore, since latex is flexible, most latex mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames.

It is important to note that while natural latex mattresses are generally considered safe for people with a latex allergy, it is not recommended for them to use such a mattress.


Although a latex mattress undergoes multiple washing processes during the manufacturing process, significantly reducing the amount of allergy-causing proteins, direct contact with them is still possible.


As a result, individuals with a latex allergy should consult their doctor before sleeping on a latex mattress.